Depth and breadth of planning

The distinguishing feature of the Pictet approach is the depth and breadth of planning before we implement a wealth management strategy. 

No matter who you are or where your wealth comes from, the role of an investment advisor is the same: it is to understand what you want to do with your wealth and to help you devise and implement a strategy to achieve your objectives. 

Security – ingredients for a peaceful mind

A business model focused on protecting and increasing your wealth; a well-capitalised institution; a proven track record in looking after your assets; an approach that is suitably risk-averse.

Planning – a financial map for your life

Successful investment is based on a well-structured plan. Understanding your objectives will help your advisor fine-tune your portfolio with the types of assets that will balance your needs – for growth, for continuity and for your goals in life.

Investment – putting your wealth to work

Begin with a sound plan, and then decide on the approach you want to take towards investing your wealth – are you a hands-on or hands-off investor? In either case, you should seek to benefit from access to the accumulated wisdom of some of the world’s best asset managers.

International diversification – a different perspective

An internationally diversified investment strategy requires an advisor with a global outlook and a deep understanding of markets around the world and of the trends shaping the international economy. 

Relationship – your own trusted advisor

A close, long-term understanding of your personal and financial circumstances, absolute discretion and access to a world of specialist expertise – these characteristics allow your investment advisor to add independent insight to your thinking and bring new ideas to your attention.